Dennis Churchill Dries ‘I’ Released TODAY!

After much anticipation, ‘I’ – the debut album of former lead vocalist/bassist of AOR’s White Sister & Tattoo Rodeo, Dennis Churchill Dries is finally available for purchase and download!

‘I’ is the stuff of dreams – I mean Dennis Churchill Dries, the singer of White Sister/Tattoo Rodeo, teaming up with none other than Paul Sabu (as if he needs any introduction)? C’mon….. ‘I’ is everything you could ever wish for from an AOR album and so much more!

– Dave Prince, Uber RockDennis Churchill Dries – ‘I’ (AOR Heaven)

You have the option to order a physical copy directly through Dennis Churchill and save a little on shipping; or you may download or order it through CD Baby. For EU fans, download or order a physical copy from AOR Heaven. Be sure to check it out!

You can also pick up a copy of the latest copy of AOR Heaven featuring none other than Dennis Churchill Dries!

Dennis Churchill Dries I released on AOR Heaven June 1, 2015