Records & Productions

Paul Sabu is an award-winning recording/mixing engineer and producer, having produced music for both musicians and the TV/film industry. He has also been credited as a vocalist and guitarist on various albums.

His work with artists such as Frankie Banali, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Little Caesar, Lee Aaron, Madonna, Malice, Robbie Neville, Motels, The Nelsons, Prince, Quiet Riot, John Waite, Tattoo Rodeo, Fatal Smile, and Shania Twain have earned him fourteen Platinum and eleven Gold records.

Paul also has a lot of movie and TV series soundtrack credits, among which are Accused, American Drive-In, Assault Of The Killer Bimbos, Baywatch, Beverly Hill 90210, Diving In, Ghost Town, Goulies II, Hard Rock Zombies, Meatballs 4, Million Dollar Mystery, Sex And The City, To Die For, Trick Or Treat, Twin Sitters, Vice Versa, and many more.


  • Pre-Production/Band Rehearsals
  • Recording/Mixing/Producing Audio Engineer
  • Internet Services (Mixing via FTP File Transfer: repairing, tracking, adding to existing tracks)
  • Songwriting Services
  • Lead Vocalist, Background Vocals, Guitars, Solos, Drum Programming

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