Whatever It Takes, AOR – Best of Paul Sabu & Ghost of L.A.,

Corporate Control

Whatever it Takes was also dropped in mid February on Perris Records. A new album from German icon Marcus Boeltz.

Marcus and I had worked together before on “Voices of Rock” but this time he took on co-writing and producing the entire album with myself and the infamous Barry Sparks.

The Best of Paul Sabu

AOR Guru Frédéric Slama had this new CD assembled featuring all the songs we recorded together for AOR before the presses had even cooled…15 tracks, including some ultra rare only found on the AOR Japanese pressings. Once again very lucky to have Tom Mathers of Perris Records ready to drop this March 15th.

AOR The Ghost of LA

The Ghost of L.A.

January 2021 stated off with a bang! A new AOR CD from Frédéric Slama The Ghost of L.A on Perris Records. Once again Frédéric was gracious enough to let me guest on a couple of his tracks.