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More Great Reviews on Dennis Churchill Dries ‘I’

The reviews on the Dennis Churchill Dries album ‘I’ continue to flood in.

Couple that with a solid vocal from the man himself, polished production and more that leans on his many years in the industry and this could easily be AOR album of the year.

– Justin Hulford, The RocktologistDennis Churchill Dries – I

‘I’ is the stuff of dreams – I mean Dennis Churchill Dries, the singer of White Sister/Tattoo Rodeo, teaming up with none other than Paul Sabu (as if he needs any introduction)? C’mon….. ‘I’ is everything you could ever wish for from an AOR album and so much more!

Thinking back to my own experience with finding new music via the wireless, I couldn’t help but feel a kinship with the author/singer. The production of Sabu is first class, as everything he touches, literally turns to greatness!

– Dave Prince, Uber RockDennis Churchill Dries – ‘I’ (AOR Heaven)

…[any one] who digs fantastic (mostly subdued) rock songs with a lot of emotion and truly phenomenal vocals, can’t get around this ‘I’ release. Especially title track ‘I’, ‘Home’, ‘Pieces’ and ‘So Good To See You’ are breathtakingly beautiful and therefore it’s great to see that Dennis Churchill Dries has returned to the scene. What an awesome singer….goosebumps!

– Sjak Roks, Lords of MetalDennis Churchill Dries – I

Dennis Churchill Dries - 'I' cover web

Danny Veras’ Debut Album Mixed

Once in a great while, someone comes along that has so much natural talent and is a magnet for fans. Danny Veras easily qualifies for this decription. He is a great guy, with great talent, and together we have a created a great album.

The album is called “Never Give Up” and it features some slammin’ players on it.

For everything Danny Veras, check out his website and purchase the album through iTunes.

No One Can EVER Get Too Much Of Fatal Smile

Well, I’m working with another one of my favorite groups: Fatal Smile. Their upcoming album is titled “White Trash Heroes” and as usual, it is packed with killer songs and good times with these Swedish ball-busting rockstars.

You can check out the first single,”Like A Rockstar” on YouTube.

For the most up to date information on Fatal Smile, visit their website.

New Review on the Re-Issue of In Dreams!

Jason Ritchie of the website get ready to ROCK! recently reviewed the re-issue of In Dreams. Here are a couple of quotes of what he has to say:

[In Dreams] is prime time AOR meets melodic rock, not as good as say his Only Child album or ‘Heartbreak’, but then Paul Sabu’s output never drops in quality. ‘Baby Blues’ starts the album in a subdued way, mid-paced AOR before ‘Arms Of A Hangman’ comes crashing in – prime time melodic hard rock and then some.

Sadly no bonus songs but still it is worth a place in any self-respecting melodic rock fans collection.

For the full review, click here.

Paul Sabu - In Dreams album


Classic Rock Magazine Give Thumbs Up For Paul Sabu Album

Rock Magazine’s latest issue has given the official thumbs up for Paul Sabu‘s Bangkok Rules which was released 4 weeks ago.

The glowing review was penned by legendary journalist Dave Ling, with such quotes as “Full of strong choruses and splattered with searing guitar runs and a stadium full of Sunset Strip” and “A hugely enjoyable album with powerful, emphatic flourish.”

Classic Rock Magazine Give Thumbs Up For Paul Sabu Album

Bangkok Rules In Classic Rock Magazine

The world’s most revered and respected hard rock magazine. Every month Classic Rock Magazine, written by the world’s leading rock experts and featuring rock’s most renowned photographers, unearths the reality from the myths and brings you the latest in 21st century rock.

This month features Paul Sabu dominating the album reviews with his new release of Bangkok Rules

“The Master of AOR has returned with another Masterpiece”

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Bangkok Rules Press Praise Increases

With the release of Bangkok Rules being pushed back until April 30th, the press continues to praise Paul’s first album since “Only Child”.

Here’s what the press is saying:

“Paul Sabu is rocked and loaded on his explosive new release “Bangkok Rules”. It’s like he’s never been away.”

Rob Evans – Classic Rock AOR

“The master of AOR returns with a masterpiece.”

Chris Nelson – Phoenix Radio

“Paul Sabu’s new release Bangkok Rules is a masterpiece of pure delight. I’m sure many will add this gem to their collection!”

Brian Rademacher – CEO of RockEyez

“Melodic Hard Rock at its best…Paul Sabu has revived all the reasons why he was so pleasurable to listen to in the first place. Strong Melodies, Burning guitars and foot stomping stadium rockers…a welcome return!”

Paul Nicholls – ARFM

“Sabu is back and he’s breaking all the rules…the Bangkok Rules!”

The Mayfair Mall Zine

To hear samples of the new songs and to pre-order your copy, visit Z Records Website

Paul Sabu – Bangkok Rules Sound Samples Fest

It’s one of those life puzzling questions that throw themselves at you from time to time, you know why does a ball fall to the ground when thrown in the air? why wasn’t Paul Sabu a megastar back in the 80’s? Simple questions but hard to answer!

Paul Sabu is about to confuse us all even more and make you all ask that very same question again. April 23rd is the release date for Paul Sabu’s immense Bangkok Rules, 10 molten slabs of Melodic Rock Heaven. To celebrate the release of Bangkok Rules and Paul Sabu’s first ever appearance on UK soil, Z Records have decided to post a sample a day from April 2nd a teasing build up to the albums release on April 23rd. The first track is ready and online at the Z Records official website and Facebook page, Sit down, crack a beer and crank the volume Paul Sabu is back with a capital B!

Order the album Bangkok Rules and Z Rock 2012 tickets at Z-Records.

Paul Sabu Signs Multi-Album Deal with Z Records!

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce that Paul Sabu has extended his dealings with Z Records for 3 classic reissues!

June 11th will see the classic Heartbreak album re-released, fully remastered for the first time from the original master tapes with bonus tracks personally selected by Paul.

July 30th will see Only Child also released fully remastered with further bonus tracks.

September 17th will see the repackaged and remastered In Dreams released once again with bonus tracks.

Just want to let you all know that my heartfelt thanks go out to Z Records and the gang for scheduling the re-issue of 3 of my favorite albums that friends and fans continue to ask me about. “Heartbreak”, “Only Child”, and “In Dreams”. Always loved these albums…We’re also using the original tapes to re-master from so the quality will be stellar! So once again, thanks Mark! – PS