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A couple more projects that Paul’s involved with, worth mentioning… On March 22nd, Escape Music & Perris Records will launch Frédéric Slama’s latest AOR album “L.A. Darkness”. Frédéric Slama’s AOR All-Star project is back with album #15, showcasing the darkier & more melodic sides of AOR with the help of top producers Tommy Denander & Paul Sabu. The […]

A few highlights and updates from Paul Sabu: Tattoo Rodeo and White Sister‘s own Dennis Churchill Dries released his first solo CD, “I” (Dennis Churchill Dries ‘I’ Released TODAY!) and totally rocked Europe as well as North America in both press and sales… Writing has already begun on his follow-up. Thank you Dennis for getting’ back […]

Preview the new Acid For Blood album – Acid For Blood.

Heartbreak & Bonus Tracks

September 18th, 2012

For the first time ever, this Heartbreak re-issue will be pressed from digital source: Heartbreak + Bonus Tracks will be available in November from iTunes.

Fireworks Magazine Issue 52 is now out and features Paul Sabu being interviewed by Carl Buxton as well as an album review of “Bangkok Rules“! Fireworks joins the hordes of music publications whom have confirmed that “Bangkok Rules” is a fine return to form for Paul Sabu! For the full interview, visit the Rocktopia website and order […]

A fantastic review by Rob Evans in the upcoming Powerplay Magazine (Issue 143) on Bangkok Rules. Be sure to pick up/ download a copy!! “For Paul Sabu it’s a case of playing with ‘Bangkok Rules’ as he releases his finest album since his eighties heyday. He’s come out rocked and loaded and delivered a selection […]

Rock Magazine’s latest issue has given the official thumbs up for Paul Sabu‘s Bangkok Rules which was released 4 weeks ago. The glowing review was penned by legendary journalist Dave Ling, with such quotes as “Full of strong choruses and splattered with searing guitar runs and a stadium full of Sunset Strip” and “A hugely […]

The world’s most revered and respected hard rock magazine. Every month Classic Rock Magazine, written by the world’s leading rock experts and featuring rock’s most renowned photographers, unearths the reality from the myths and brings you the latest in 21st century rock. This month features Paul Sabu dominating the album reviews with his new release […]

With the release of Bangkok Rules being pushed back until April 30th, the press continues to praise Paul’s first album since “Only Child”. Here’s what the press is saying: “Paul Sabu is rocked and loaded on his explosive new release “Bangkok Rules”. It’s like he’s never been away.” Rob Evans – Classic Rock AOR “The […]

It’s one of those life puzzling questions that throw themselves at you from time to time, you know why does a ball fall to the ground when thrown in the air? why wasn’t Paul Sabu a megastar back in the 80’s? Simple questions but hard to answer! Paul Sabu is about to confuse us all […]

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