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Quiet Riot 10 Out Now!

Frankie Banali posted this message through his Facebook page:

“Very pleased to announce the release of the new Quiet Riot CD “Quiet Riot 10″ and so grateful to Mr. Paul Sabu, my song writing partner on this release as well as Paul having contributed background vocals on the six studio tracks! Hats off to Mr. Sabu! Take a bow Paul!”

~Frankie Banali, Drummer

Stay tuned to the Quiet Riot website for additional information.

Danny Veras’ Debut Album Mixed

Once in a great while, someone comes along that has so much natural talent and is a magnet for fans. Danny Veras easily qualifies for this decription. He is a great guy, with great talent, and together we have a created a great album.

The album is called “Never Give Up” and it features some slammin’ players on it.

For everything Danny Veras, check out his website and purchase the album through iTunes.

No One Can EVER Get Too Much Of Fatal Smile

Well, I’m working with another one of my favorite groups: Fatal Smile. Their upcoming album is titled “White Trash Heroes” and as usual, it is packed with killer songs and good times with these Swedish ball-busting rockstars.

You can check out the first single,”Like A Rockstar” on YouTube.

For the most up to date information on Fatal Smile, visit their website.

Christmas Came Early

There will be new Throne of Vengeance music rockin’ in the New Year!

TOV is a KILLER band out of Calgary, Alberta. I love these guys and they are unstoppable!

Our first album together was back in 2011 and it was the band’s second release and their first full-length album called “Flesh Engine”. They went on to win Best Rock Band  two years in a row from the Calgary Beer Core Awards.

The new album is called “Live Evil” and it sounds like Flesh Engine on steroids. These guys rock from the first beat and keep getting better and better.

It’s hard to imagine what they’ll win this year.

You can pick up Live Evil on iTunes.