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AOR L.A. Darkness & Jesse Damon Southern Highway

A couple more projects that Paul’s involved with, worth mentioning…

On March 22nd, Escape Music & Perris Records will launch Frédéric Slama’s latest AOR album “L.A. Darkness”.

AOR - L.A. Darnkess | Paul SabuFrédéric Slama’s AOR All-Star project is back with album #15, showcasing the darkier & more melodic sides of AOR with the help of top producers Tommy Denander & Paul Sabu. The new AOR album is called “L.A. Darkness” and features some legendary singers like Jeff Scott Soto, Kevin Chalfant, Steve Overland, Jesse Damon, Henry Small, Paul Sabu, Philip Bardowell, Rick Riso, Tommy Funderburk, Sarah & Mélissa & more.

“L.A Darkness” is for fans of the heavier side of AOR in the vein of Survivor, Foreigner, Giant & Toto. Maybe the most Melodic Rock album of all AOR cd’s.

Paul just finished producing Jesse Damon’s new album “Southern Highway”. Keep an eye out when the release date is announced!

Jesse Damon - Southern Highway | Paul SabuNow in 2016, Jesse Damon’s brand new album “Southern Highway” has redefined his sound with a southern blues side while still maintaining to be of the highest caliber continuing to deliver melodic music to the fans. Jesse has just completed and mastered his new album. Produced by Paul Sabu, and it’s described as a melodic driven, southern rockin’ hell of a good time!

Paul Sabu Highlights and Updates

A few highlights and updates from Paul Sabu:

Dennis Churchill Dries - 'I' cover webTattoo Rodeo and White Sister‘s own Dennis Churchill Dries released his first solo CD, “I” (Dennis Churchill Dries ‘I’ Released TODAY!) and totally rocked Europe as well as North America in both press and sales… Writing has already begun on his follow-up. Thank you Dennis for getting’ back in the saddle and allowing me to be part of it!


Teri TimsTeri Tims (Teri Tims – New album + Q&AOR Interview) – writing is finished! YEEHAA! I might mention she seems quite happy with the song choices for her upcoming release. I know she’s southern but talk about a slave driver… WOW! Judging by the songs picked, definitely worth the wait! Downbeat for recordings start in a couple weeks.


Elvira - Haunted HouseElvira. She is a funny talent combo sandwich… produced 3 of her albums and still laugh hysterically when I think back on them… jumped on the charts again this past Halloween with “Haunted House”, from her IMAX film “Haunted Hills”. You Go Girl!


AOR Return to L.A.Thank you Frederic Slama and partner Tommy Denander for letting me team up with you guys on your latest AOR Release, “Return To L.A.” (Fireworks Magazine Online 69 – Interview with Frédéric Slama’s AOR.) Frederic, you are a great writer and Tommy, a monster guitarist! Not to mention they included me on the super all-star 2016 release along side artists like Santana, one of my all time favorites, Gary Moore, and melodic rocker Jesse Damon.




You all are the coolest fans a guy could ever have. Last month was first time I ever broke the million mark with 1,200,056 streams in one month. A great feeling to know you’re out there…

Teamrock…You rule!

Teamrock - All-Time Best AOR Singers

No One Can EVER Get Too Much Of Fatal Smile

Well, I’m working with another one of my favorite groups: Fatal Smile. Their upcoming album is titled “White Trash Heroes” and as usual, it is packed with killer songs and good times with these Swedish ball-busting rockstars.

You can check out the first single,”Like A Rockstar” on YouTube.

For the most up to date information on Fatal Smile, visit their website.

Paul Sabu in Fireworks Magazine Issue #52

Fireworks Magazine Issue 52 is now out and features Paul Sabu being interviewed by Carl Buxton as well as an album review of “Bangkok Rules“! Fireworks joins the hordes of music publications whom have confirmed that “Bangkok Rules” is a fine return to form for Paul Sabu!

For the full interview, visit the Rocktopia website and order your copy of Fireworks Issue #52!

Fireworks Magazine Issue 52

Powerplay Magazine’s AOR Underground Joins the Paul Sabu Legions

A fantastic review by Rob Evans in the upcoming Powerplay Magazine (Issue 143) on Bangkok Rules. Be sure to pick up/ download a copy!!

“For Paul Sabu it’s a case of playing with ‘Bangkok Rules’ as he releases his finest album since his eighties heyday. He’s come out rocked and loaded and delivered a selection of songs that will bring back memories of his classic albums flooding back. His voice maybe a little gruffer these days but that only adds a little character to some very interesting songs. The titular ‘Bangkok Rules‘, ‘Code Blue‘, ‘Live Or Die Tryin’‘ and the anthemic ‘Rock Don’t Run‘ couldn’t be any bigger even if Sabu came crashing through your front door whilst riding an elephant. This album has been one of the year’s biggest surprises so far and after the disappointment of past albums it should put him back where he belongs. Now, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I get rid of this elephant?”

Powerplay Magazine - June 2012

Classic Rock Magazine Give Thumbs Up For Paul Sabu Album

Rock Magazine’s latest issue has given the official thumbs up for Paul Sabu‘s Bangkok Rules which was released 4 weeks ago.

The glowing review was penned by legendary journalist Dave Ling, with such quotes as “Full of strong choruses and splattered with searing guitar runs and a stadium full of Sunset Strip” and “A hugely enjoyable album with powerful, emphatic flourish.”

Classic Rock Magazine Give Thumbs Up For Paul Sabu Album

Bangkok Rules In Classic Rock Magazine

The world’s most revered and respected hard rock magazine. Every month Classic Rock Magazine, written by the world’s leading rock experts and featuring rock’s most renowned photographers, unearths the reality from the myths and brings you the latest in 21st century rock.

This month features Paul Sabu dominating the album reviews with his new release of Bangkok Rules

“The Master of AOR has returned with another Masterpiece”

Subscribe to Classic Rock Magazine today to stay up to date on all things music.

Bangkok Rules Press Praise Increases

With the release of Bangkok Rules being pushed back until April 30th, the press continues to praise Paul’s first album since “Only Child”.

Here’s what the press is saying:

“Paul Sabu is rocked and loaded on his explosive new release “Bangkok Rules”. It’s like he’s never been away.”

Rob Evans – Classic Rock AOR

“The master of AOR returns with a masterpiece.”

Chris Nelson – Phoenix Radio

“Paul Sabu’s new release Bangkok Rules is a masterpiece of pure delight. I’m sure many will add this gem to their collection!”

Brian Rademacher – CEO of RockEyez

“Melodic Hard Rock at its best…Paul Sabu has revived all the reasons why he was so pleasurable to listen to in the first place. Strong Melodies, Burning guitars and foot stomping stadium rockers…a welcome return!”

Paul Nicholls – ARFM

“Sabu is back and he’s breaking all the rules…the Bangkok Rules!”

The Mayfair Mall Zine

To hear samples of the new songs and to pre-order your copy, visit Z Records Website