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Quiet Riot Brings the Bang Your Head Tour

Quiet Riot - Frankie Banali
My song writing partner on “Quiet Riot 10”: Frankie Banali

“By the time Quiet Riot took the stage, the show had already proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that hard rock was back and touring with a vengeance. This alone, however, is only part of the news that has grabbed attention of Quiet Riot fans in 2014. Earlier in the year, Frankie Banali announced the release of the anticipated film titled Now You’re here, There’s No Way Back. The film features a deep and intrinsic look into the facts related to the history of the band and it details key moments that many long time fans weren’t aware of, as well as documenting the moments that made them a celebrated band and secured their place in the history of American hard rock.

Adding to a year that has re-established the band, just before the start of the tour, Quiet Riot released a new album featuring six tracks with Jizzy Pearl on vocals and four previously unreleased songs from live performances featuring Kevin DuBrow. “Titled 10″, the album became available on June 27th, 2014 to rave reviews. It marks the next chapter in the career of these artists that have entertained millions worldwide for decades, and celebrates the achievements of Kevin DuBrow, one of rocks finest front men, a stellar songwriter and an artist who was consistently at the top of his game.

Follow Quiet Riot online at their official website to learn about the tour coming to an area near you, to purchase the new album 10 or to find out when you can own a copy of the new film.”

Web: officialquietriot.com

~Joe Dolan, Rock Nightmare (Read the full article here)

New Review on the Re-Issue of In Dreams!

Jason Ritchie of the website get ready to ROCK! recently reviewed the re-issue of In Dreams. Here are a couple of quotes of what he has to say:

[In Dreams] is prime time AOR meets melodic rock, not as good as say his Only Child album or ‘Heartbreak’, but then Paul Sabu’s output never drops in quality. ‘Baby Blues’ starts the album in a subdued way, mid-paced AOR before ‘Arms Of A Hangman’ comes crashing in – prime time melodic hard rock and then some.

Sadly no bonus songs but still it is worth a place in any self-respecting melodic rock fans collection.

For the full review, click here.

Paul Sabu - In Dreams album


Paul Sabu in Fireworks Magazine Issue #52

Fireworks Magazine Issue 52 is now out and features Paul Sabu being interviewed by Carl Buxton as well as an album review of “Bangkok Rules“! Fireworks joins the hordes of music publications whom have confirmed that “Bangkok Rules” is a fine return to form for Paul Sabu!

For the full interview, visit the Rocktopia website and order your copy of Fireworks Issue #52!

Fireworks Magazine Issue 52

Call Of the Wild – Album Review By Rock Forces

The UKs Rock Resource, Rock Forces, have an album review up for “Call Of The Wild”:

The phrase AOR God is heavily used these day for mediocre acts that are frankly copy cat and bland. Paul Sabu is however a 100% AOR God and we have Z Records to thank for not only bringing him back but for also staging his first ever English Show next year.

Call of the Wild is every AOR fans wet dream, from Heartbreak’s Angeline to Only Childs Just Ask this album is AOR heaven. Pure and simple if you don’t own this you need to be shot or locked up, it is Essential!!!!

11/10 Paul Mendoza

To read the article, please visit Rock Forces Album Reviews page.