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My song writing partner on “Quiet Riot 10”: Frankie Banali

“By the time Quiet Riot took the stage, the show had already proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that hard rock was back and touring with a vengeance. This alone, however, is only part of the news that has grabbed attention of Quiet Riot fans in 2014. Earlier in the year, Frankie Banali announced the release of the anticipated film titled Now You’re here, There’s No Way Back. The film features a deep and intrinsic look into the facts related to the history of the band and it details key moments that many long time fans weren’t aware of, as well as documenting the moments that made them a celebrated band and secured their place in the history of American hard rock.

Adding to a year that has re-established the band, just before the start of the tour, Quiet Riot released a new album featuring six tracks with Jizzy Pearl on vocals and four previously unreleased songs from live performances featuring Kevin DuBrow. “Titled 10″, the album became available on June 27th, 2014 to rave reviews. It marks the next chapter in the career of these artists that have entertained millions worldwide for decades, and celebrates the achievements of Kevin DuBrow, one of rocks finest front men, a stellar songwriter and an artist who was consistently at the top of his game.

Follow Quiet Riot online at their official website to learn about the tour coming to an area near you, to purchase the new album 10 or to find out when you can own a copy of the new film.”

Web: officialquietriot.com

~Joe Dolan, Rock Nightmare (Read the full article here)

In follow up to the post earlier this week, here is one of the tracks where Paul Sabu is featured on vocals on “The Pride Of Strangers”.

“The Pride Of Strangers” can be found on the new AOR album “LA Connection”.

Quiet Riot 10 Out Now!

July 3rd, 2014

Frankie Banali posted this message through his Facebook page:

“Very pleased to announce the release of the new Quiet Riot CD “Quiet Riot 10″ and so grateful to Mr. Paul Sabu, my song writing partner on this release as well as Paul having contributed background vocals on the six studio tracks! Hats off to Mr. Sabu! Take a bow Paul!”

~Frankie Banali, Drummer

Stay tuned to the Quiet Riot website for additional information.

Paul Sabu joins forces with AOR for the new release “LA Connection” to be released on July 18th. You can catch Paul’s vocals on the favoured track “The Pride Of Strangers”, plus 2 additional tracks on the Japanese release of the album.

Metal Temple reviewed the album and had this to say about it:

“Every song is a potential hit! “L.A Connection” is for Melodic Rock and AOR with spirit of the 80’s years. These catchy melodies still dig inside my mind after I listened to the whole album. Another time, another hit, and a fantastic line-up! Surely a necessary listen for every Hard Rock and AOR fan! Sincerely recommend!”

~Metal Temple | Full Review

New Quiet Riot Album

February 15th, 2014

Well, there will be a new Quiet Riot studio album arriving in early 2014!

I had a great time writing with my friend and “Monsta Drummer”: Frankie Banali on 6 cuts for the new Quiet Riot album.

The 10 song album features an all-star Quiet Riot cast and includes a couple stellar live performances and 2 new unreleased songs featuring the late and still great as ever Kevin Dubrow (RIP).

Lots of TLC has gone into this best kept secret but tweets are already saying that it’s one of the top 3 most anticipated albums this year.

More information about the album can be found here and on the Quiet Riot website.

Danny Veras’ Debut Album Mixed

February 10th, 2014

Once in a great while, someone comes along that has so much natural talent and is a magnet for fans. Danny Veras easily qualifies for this decription. He is a great guy, with great talent, and together we have a created a great album.

The album is called “Never Give Up” and it features some slammin’ players on it.

For everything Danny Veras, check out his website and purchase the album through iTunes.

Well, I’m working with another one of my favorite groups: Fatal Smile. Their upcoming album is titled “White Trash Heroes” and as usual, it is packed with killer songs and good times with these Swedish ball-busting rockstars.

You can check out the first single,”Like A Rockstar” on YouTube.

For the most up to date information on Fatal Smile, visit their website.

Christmas Came Early

December 15th, 2013

There will be new Throne of Vengeance music rockin’ in the New Year!

TOV is a KILLER band out of Calgary, Alberta. I love these guys and they are unstoppable!

Our first album together was back in 2011 and it was the band’s second release and their first full-length album called “Flesh Engine”. They went on to win Best Rock Band  two years in a row from the Calgary Beer Core Awards.

The new album is called “Live Evil” and it sounds like Flesh Engine on steroids. These guys rock from the first beat and keep getting better and better.

It’s hard to imagine what they’ll win this year.

You can pick up Live Evil on iTunes.

Preview the new Acid For Blood album – Acid For Blood.

Acid For Blood

Paul Sabu’s classic Heartbreak album has, for the first time ever, been remastered from digital source instead of from vinyl on previous re-issues. The album has a new lease of life and sounds more dynamic than ever.

Download your remastered copy of Heartbreak through iTunes.

Paul Sabu - Heartbreak Remastered

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