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Emmy winning singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist Paul Sabu has carved out one success after another but once again proves best at blistering guitar riffs and singing beyond the outer limits. He is best known for his work with an arsenal of artists such as: David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Little Caesar, Lee Aaron, Madonna, Malice, Motels, Robbie Neville, Only Child, Silent Rage, The Nelsons, Shania Twain, John Waite, Fatal Smile and many more.

Recently, Classic Rock magazine awarded Paul Sabu for having the highest rated album of all time and the fans of Kerrang magazine voted Paul Sabu their second favorite vocalist. Now Europe's hard rock guitar & vocal legend is back with some new releases that will "Rock Your World".


Current Releases:


It all started when Motown decided to open a Rock Division:

Getting signed to Motown Records at 22 was quite an experience in itself. A guy by the name of Steve Barri was, at that time, the head of A&R at Motown and also the designated producer for this undertaking. Motown held a huge audition in L.A. which literally consisted of hundreds of contestants to find the perfect "Rock Dude" so I joined the crowds of rock artists that were auditioning and somehow won. I hadn't researched it much before the audition and remember asking myself, "I wonder what I won." The answer was forthcoming and I was immediately paired up with a couple of Motown staff writers to begin writing the classic 'Kidd Glove' album which was released through the Motown owned Morocco label in 1984, with the album being recorded in only a couple of months later and was released with great anticipation and attained a great deal of success. as a further note Paul did want John Eden from Whitesnake's origin to Produce the 'Kidd Glove' album, but the label gave him Tony Polouso who did the Carpenters albums..."Not even close".

Paul then re-formed SABU in 1985 after Kidd Glove to release the outstanding 'Heartbreak' album, which included the hit single 'Angeline' through the Wolverhampton based Heavy Metal America label in 1985. The Musicians utilised, bassist Rick Bozzo, keyboard player Dan Ellis and drummer Charles Esposito. Up until then, Paul had always relied on outside engineers and mixers to bring out the best of his music, but they had never given him the sound he really wanted. So, with the afterthought of, "I'm sure I can't do any worse", he starts the additional job of recording and mixing engineer, while continuing production. On the album, Paul plays all guitars, and does all lead vocals, 'Heartbreak' was the first album I produced and engineered myself.

Unfortunately though Paul was to be seriously affected by the Heavy Metal America label going into liquidation, leaving Paul to rethink his strategy, with the result that he promptly put a new band together, the AOR Gods Only Child. Five albums that must not be missed in any AOR collection and that can all be connected to the name of Paul Sabu are Alexa's self-titled album, Kidd Glove's self-titled album, Paul Sabu's "Heartbreak", Only Child's self-titled album and Shania Twain's "Beginnings" (full of AOR instead of the country rock she later became famous for). "Only Child" was originally released by Capitol in 1988 and is still regarded – by many – as Paul Sabu's best ever. I've just compiled a list of 100 albums of all times and Only Child's debut album is one of them. Why? That's easy! It contains first-class songs like the opening rocker "Just Ask", a heavenly "Always" and sing-along-songs as "I Believe In You" and "Shot Around The World". On the re-issue, which has been digitally remastered by Robert Papst (still remember him?) and released by YesterRock, two bonus tracks have been added to the original ten:

"Young Guns" and "Vice Versa", both coming from films of the same name. If my words can't convince you, then I can refer you to Kerrang! that once published a top-40 list of AOR albums of all times. "Only Child" ended in the 22nd place. Sabu got back into production handling songwriting & production duties for an album that was by singer Eilleen Edwards. These sessions would reappear in 1999 as 'Wild & Wicked' after Edwards had made her mark globally rechristened Shania Twain.

Paul Sabu would later hook up with ex-Bonfire members Joerg Deisinger and Angel Schlieffer to form a proposed new version of Only Child. However, as it transpired the new group took on the SABU title. The resulting product, seeing Derek Smith on drums, was considerably heavier than past SABU material, taking on a harder sound and with Paul Sabu's voice remarkably rougher in approach. This band also cut the 1998 'Between The Light' album, this effort, including a cover version of Stevie Wonder's 'I Was Made To Love Her', having both Smith and Tony Montana sessioning on drums. Further Sabu albums's such as 'Strange Messiah and 'High & Mighty' provides even more awarded praise.

Over the last quarter-century, Paul has sharpened his talents as a producer, session guitarist and songwriter, releasing albums under Paul Sabu, Sabu & Only Child. His name is a familiar one to music industry veterans, most of whom know little or nothing about his disco productions.

His work with artists such as David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Little Caesar, Lee Aaron, Madonna, Malice, Robbie Neville, Motels, The Nelsons, Prince, John Waite, Tattoo Rodeo, Fatal Smile, and Shania Twain have earned him fourteen Platinum and eleven Gold records.

He also has a lot of movie and tv series soundtrack credits, among which are Accused, American Drive-In, Assault Of The Killer Bimbos, Baywatch, Beverly Hill 90210, Diving In, Ghost Town, Goulies II, Hard Rock Zombies, Meatballs 4, Million Dollar Mystery, Sex And The City, To Die For, Trick Or Treat, Twin Sitters, Vice Versa, and many more. His own musical vehicles were Sabu and Only Child, bands with which he recorded albums that were described as big sounding, with lots of depth, fat keyboards, blistering guitars, and vocals combined with a great chorus. No small wonder that he was the darling of several Melodic Rock magazines, who dubbed him L.A. Session King and AOR hero! Paul Sabu's albums are still much Very sought-after items among AOR lovers, and his reputation as an AOR God still holds today.